Willis RV Resort
Rules and Regulations

Where Our Residents Feel at Home

Our goal is to provide an RV Resort where our residents feel at home. The management team wants you to enjoy your stay with us, but not at the expense of the other residents. In order to maintain a clean, relaxing, safe and secure environment for everyone, some general rules are required. Management has the right to refuse services to anyone.


Office Hours:
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Monday – Saturday

All residents are required to complete a registration card and provide a copy of a valid I.D or driver’s license. Deposit and initial rent payment must be made at the time of registration.

Any residents who give false information on the registration card will be asked to leave the park immediately. Late arriving guests (up to 10:00 p.m.) are required to contact the manager for registration by calling the park number (936) 873-7854 the following working day. Residents arriving after 10:00 p.m. are asked to do the minimum amount of set up so they don’t disturb other residents, and then check in at the office by 10:00 a.m. the following morning.

Rental Refunds:

No refunds for early departures.

Method of Payment:

  • Residents must pay all rent timely and without demand, deduction or offset, except as permitted by law or the initial rental.
  • Residents may not pay rent in cash and will pay all rent by cashier’s check, money order, personal check or Credit/Debit Card (Master/Card or Visa only).
  • If paying by check please make your payment to Willis RV Resort LLC.
  • If resident fails to timely pay any amount due under the rental agreement, or if any check is not honored by the institution on which it is drawn, management may require resident to pay such amount and any subsequent amounts under this agreement in certified funds.

Late Charges: If payment is not received in timely manner resident will pay management for each late payment:

  • An initial late charge of $25.00.
  • An additional charge of $10.00 per day thereafter until rent and late charges are paid in full.
  • No partial payments will be accepted.
  • If payment is not received when agreed upon, the residents rent will revert to weekly.

Returned Payment: Resident will pay management $40.00 for each payment resident tenders to management which is returned or not honored by the institution on which it is drawn for any reason–plus, any late charges until management receives payment. Resident must make any returned payment good by paying such amount(s) plus any associated charged in certified funds.

Application of Funds: Regardless of any notation on check, management may apply funds received from resident first, to any non-rent obligations of resident, including but not limited to, late charges, returned payment charges, repairs, or cleanup–and then to rent.

Pet Policies:

Management is aware that many people travel with all types of pets. However, some are not acceptable without permission from the management. The only acceptable pets are cats and dogs. Our residents must declare all pets at the time of registration. Residents are totally responsible to ensure that their pets do not become a burden to other residents.

All pets are required to:

  • Be current on their vaccination shots and owners must provide written proof.
  • Be on leashes or caged when they are outside, and owners must be home when their pets are outside.
  • Pets must be taken to a designated area for daily constitutions, owners are responsible for all clean-up after them.
  • Please do not let your dog dig holes. Owners will be responsible for any damages caused by their pets. If you leave for any length of time, please take your pet with you, or leave it inside your RV.
  • If you are warned more than 3 times about your pet for any reason Management may require the resident to leave the premises.

Security Deposit:

On or before section of the agreement, resident will pay a security deposit to management by means listed in paragraph “Payment Method”.


Resident must give management at least three (3) days’ notice of surrender before management is obligated to account for or refund the security deposit. Any refund of the security deposit will be made payable to all residents named in rental.


Landlord may deduct reasonable charges from the security deposit for:

  • Costs for which resident is responsible to clean the pad
  • Unpaid rent
  • Unpaid late charges
  • Unpaid pet charges
  • Replacing unreturned mailbox key
  • Removing abandoned property

If deductions exceed the security deposit, resident will pay management the excess within 10 days after management makes a written.


Water, sewer, and garbage disposal are services provided and are included in the rates.

Water: Provided from The City of Willis. We request your help in conserving the water, each resident is responsible to make sure that all water connections have in-line washers and that they are tight. Our residents are responsible for all water leaks in their equipment, and if not taken care of, Management will fix the leak and charge the resident according to the cost of repairs. Resident will be responsible for the cost of severe water leaks caused by their RV’s.

Electricity: Charged at $0.13 per kwh of usage.

Sewer: The City of Willis. Also provides sewer service. Although we are not using a septic system, everyone in our community should practice reasonable and responsible care. All residents must have sewer hoses in a rack acceptable to Management and connected with a proper seal. Management is not responsible for damaged sewer lines if they are not properly placed on racks when lawn maintenance is being done.

Garbage: Disposal dumpsters are also provided for your convenience. Each resident must place their household garbage in the dumpsters provided. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT GUESTS DO NOT ALLOW GARBAGE TO ACCUMULATE AT THE PAD SITES. We have critters here in the Country! Without special authorization from park management, dumpsters are to be used for household garbage only. No household appliances or mechanical items or industrial trash is to be placed in the dumpsters.


Unless otherwise authorized by Management, residents may not install or permit any of the following in the space, even temporarily: a spa, hot tub, trampoline, shed, or any item which causes a suspension or cancellation of insurance coverage, or an increase in insurance premiums.

Visitors: Residents may not permit any visitors to stay in the park overnight without management’s permission. Residents are totally responsible for the behavior of their visitors while they are on Willis RV Resort’s Property. This includes loud noise, trash control, speed, electrical, water waste, etc. Residents will be responsible for any damages caused by their guests.

Common Areas: Residents shall exercise reasonable care, avoid damaging the common areas, and keeping the common areas clean and uncluttered.

Property Rules: Management may adopt rules to maintain and enhance the safety and appearance of the property. From time to time Management, at its discretion, may amend the rules. Resident agrees to comply with the rules as they may be amended. Exceptions or waivers must be authorized by Management in writing.

Without the express permission of Management, pad sites:

  • Are NOT to be modified
  • No out-building is to be erected
  • No outside structures are to be erected

Parking Rules:

  • Our spacious pad sites allow residents to park two (2) vehicles in the pad site area. All vehicles must be declared at the time of registration. Additional parked vehicles will incur a daily parking fee.
  • All vehicles are required to be in good operating condition with no oil drips of any type.
  • All vehicles should be parked in the same direction of your RV.
  • Certain restrictions apply to residents working on their vehicles at the pad sites. Please consult Management for designated areas.
  • No vehicle with chemicals will be allowed to be washed on property.
  • Vehicle and RV washes are $10.00 (for water usage) and must be paid to manager at time of wash.


  • Trailers are always required to have wheels attached. If in the opinion of the Management your trailer requires cleaning, you will receive a written notice that your trailer needs cleaning and enough time to have cleaning done. All companies used for this purpose must be approved, before work commences, by management. Any damages to trailers/RV are the sole responsibility of the resident to whom the trailer/RV belongs to.
  • Willis RV Resort is not responsible for damages caused to property of under any circumstances, i.e. weather, theft, fire, etc.
  • If your trailer requires offsite repair & maintenance, you must notify management that the trailer will be moved and give us approximate return If no notice is given and you are past due on rental fees you will be moved out in our system and your space will be open for new rentals.

Move Out:

  • At the time of the departure resident will surrender the pad site in the same condition as it was found. Resident will leave the site pad in a clean condition free of all trash, debris, and any personal property.
  • Management requires three days’ notice prior to leaving in order for you to receive your deposit refund.
  • It is the resident’s responsibility to provide Management with current mailing address. The site pad must be cleaned before others can move in otherwise residents may forfeit part or all the deposit depending on condition and cost of cleanup.
  • Management will perform a final electrical meter reading. Electrical usage is charged at $0.13 per kWh.

Quiet Time:

Quiet time begins daily at 9:00 P.M. If you have other plans, please check with management for an area that can be used. NO LOUD MUSIC AT ANYTIME – if your neighbor can hear your music, it is too loud.


  • Residents can receive mail at Willis RV Resort.
  • Place your name in care of Willis RV Resort and the space # you are in.


Your name
13421 E FM 1097 Road Sp. #
Willis, Texas 77378

Note: If residents move and does not place a change of address with the Post Office, Willis RV Resort is not responsible to forward your mail. It will be returned to sender.